Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Oh happy day!!!

So not this last weekend but the one before Sean and I took a little road trip down to see Lizzie and Tyson in St. George. On the way we were able to stop off in Salt Lake to meet up with Patrick and some of our high school friends. We had a wonderful time visiting with them. The whole reason we went down there was because I had job interview at a salon here in Rexburg the following Tuesday and I wanted to get some extra practice so Lizzie and the owner of her salon agreed to help me. It was great getting some advice and some practice. So finally Tuesday came around and I went in for my interview it went great!!! Finding a salon job in Rexburg Idaho has not been the easiest thing for me, we have been here for almost 4 months and there are only two salons that are not booth rent in the entire town. So a week has past and I got the phone call from the owner that they want to hire me and I start Thursday!!!! I could not be happier!!! I cant wait to get to know all the girls I will be working with and to start my new adventures as a hair stylist!!!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Beginning

So I know we have been married for almost 6 months....so I know I'm a little late on starting our family blog, but hey better late than never! So here we go! October 15th 2010 was the best day of my life! Sean and I were married in the Newport Beach Temple for time and all eternity which is a blessing I will always cherish. our wedding day was perfect! The Sealing room was full in the Newport Beach Temple full of our family and friends, and the Sealing was beautiful. Then we were rushed off for pictures. After pictures which took longer then Sean would have hoped we were both so hungry Sean insisted on going through the drive-thru at Del Taco. We drove over to my Grandparents house where we ate quickly and then it was party time!!!! The reception was fairytale! twinkling lights surrounded the Mile Square park Garden area, lanterns hung from the tree over the dance floor, flowers were everywhere! Needless to say I felt like a princess.

The Reception went on and we were greeted by family and friends after the line it was party time and the dancing begun! Our first dance was so cute and I was lucky to get Sean to agree to that, as soon as it was over he was off the dance floor and I was joined by my bridesmaids and we danced the night away!

The Reception ended and Sean and I were off to the Newport Beach Marriot and we were exhausted! The next day we off to Lawrence Welk for our Honeymoon! We were so excited for a relaxing couple of days to be spent by the pool enjoying the warm California sun....boy were we wrong!! It rained the whole time and we both ended up getting the flu, haha a honeymoon we will never forget!

Off to Idaho the Land of Snow!
A few months after we were Married we made the move up to Rexburg Idaho where Sean attends BYU-Idaho. Needless to say the -35 degree weather and snow was not my idea of a perfect place to live. After being homesick for 3 weeks straight I have learned to like it here. We love our friends out here we have so much fun with them. And we are looking forward to summer! We hear there are lots of fun outdoor activities to do and not to mention Bear World!!! We love our little apartment and we just bought our second car which is very exciting! It looks like our life in good old Rexburg is not going to be as bad as I once thought it would be!